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About Us


The Berkshire region is famous for its breathtaking beauty that over the years has inspired a tradition of gracious living. This distinctive style is reflected in how we live our lives, how we appreciate nature and the arts, how we prepare beautiful meals and how we enjoy fine craftsmanship and design.

BerkshireStyle is an online magazine that celebrates this richness and vitality of its architects, designers, artists and businesses who have made their mark preserving the Berkshire aesthetic. The pages of Berkshire Style hold a wealth of local information inviting us all to play an active role in this beautiful community.

If you have a passion for a refined simplicity, regional charm and good taste you are in the right place. After all, what is life without style?


Toni Tucker, Co-Founder and Publisher, is a longtime photographer, writer and designer. Her work has appeared in many print forms and here again on this website. Her love of country life and the Berkshires is her inspiration.

Paul Coughlin, Co-Founder of BerkshireStyle, a longtime photographer, art director and web designer created this site. His work has appeared in many books and other print forms. His inspiration is the beauty of the region. Received 2013 Outstanding Design Award from the NY Coalition of the Arts.

Susan Clayton, Sales Associate, joined the staff of BerkshireStyle in 2013.  A native of North Canaan and longtime advertising and marketing representative, she lives with her husband, Stewart, and enjoys the area's way of life.

Joseph Montebello is the former creative director of HarperCollins Publishers and radio talk show host on WVOX. He moderates artists’ conversation at Five Points Gallery, is a Litchfield resident and a contributing writer to BerkshireStyle.

Charlotte Penrose, writes Happening this Week and is a relative newcomer to the Berkshires, relocating from her hometown of New York City. She loves the Berkshire way of life and spends her days exploring all that this incredible part of the world has to offer.

Lauren M. Trager, Sales Ad Manager and Marketing Consultant. Co-Founding Partner of Two Twelve Consultants, LLC, a business consulting company. Lauren fell in love with the Berkshire area instantly and has recently moved here.

Mark P. Trager, Business Manager- BerkshireStyle Co-Founding Partner at Two Twelve Consultants LLC, a business consulting company. Mark enjoys the eclectic group of friends he has found in the Berkshire area.

Jane Worthington-Roth owns an online regulatory library for investment adviser compliance and legal staff. Her passion is cooking and she has over a thousand cookbooks in her home library.  Jane shares this passion in our Berkshire Kitchen column.

ALX Creative Tech. Website development and graphic design. Simple sites and e-commerce; logos and business cards; book design and writing support. Personalized service in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut.


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