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Baking Classes with Pastry Chef Jean Yves

Patisserie in both Lenox and Great Barrington are great favorites at BerkshireStyle.

The cafés provide great coffee and ambiance but, even better, sweet treats. Macaroons, pastries, cookies and cakes are just a few of the reasons we keep coming back for more.

And now, in the month of November, you too can learn how to make incredible French desserts from the expert himself; Pastry Chef Jean Yves.

On November 6th learn how to make authentic macaroons, on the 13th the class will teach butter croissants and will finish up on the 20th with the perfect brioche.

Each reservation-required class is at 5 pm and is only $80. These courses are perfectly timed for the holidays so you may bring your own made-from-scratch French sweets to parties and really impress your friends.