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Happy Birthday Bizalions! We congratulate you on your 11th year!!!

"At this Marseilles-infused charcuterie-cafe everything is as good as it gets..." The New York Times

Great Barrington has a wide variety of delicious food offerings: Thai, Japanese, pizza, burgers, farm-to-table, Indian, you name it. But make sure you don't count out Bizalion's Fine Food which offers just that with a french flair...and then some.

Located on Route 7, the store also offers breakfast and lunch as well as catering dinner and fondue parties. That's right, the 70s dinner fad has a totally European look - a modern place with fine alpine cheeses.

If you plan on heading to Bizalion's for lunch next weekend, be sure to check out their gift baskets filled with such items as olive oils, coffee, chocolates, mustards, and wine openers. Visually appealing, thoughtful and useful, these are gift baskets you will surely appreciate in the coming holiday months.