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COVID-19 Has An Answer

What’s Next?


What’s next? What do we do now? Where do we go from here? Stranded in the epicenter of a global pandemic where everything feels quite different, questions abound. And everything is different now. We are experiencing a shift in awareness of epic proportions. What we value, what we consider essential, has changed completely in a matter of weeks.

It’s all so new that our rational minds are scrambling to keep up. As we fall back on formulating and re-formulating plans for the future, we want answers to help guide our journey into the unknown. We are at a pivotal moment in human history and we need all the courage and wisdom we can muster. It would be all too easy to succumb to fear and confusion as we peer into a distant horizon that seems to get further away the closer we get.

Understanding that there is much that we don’t know, what can we do for the best in these uncertain times? It’s my belief that COVID-19 itself has answers. On a fundamental level, we are witnessing that the earth is responding to the decrease in human activity so spontaneously, and wondrously, that the message is obvious: When we take, take, take and don’t give back, the earth is literally better off without us. When the planet we need, that we call home, doesn’t need us, it’s humbling to say the least.

So the choice is stark: Either we proceed as an integral part of creation as co-creators of our world or we are takers who never give back, decimating everything and everybody in our path until there is nothing left.

The beauty of co-creating is that it applies equally well to our own lives. As powerless as we may feel right now, what we can do is take total responsibility for how we conduct ourselves. We can choose to give, to reciprocate, to interact with those around us with love, kindness and respect, no matter who, or where, we are.

Everything we do matters more than ever: Every choice we make, every word we say, every action we take. Who we align with and what we support are choices that either erode the type of world we want or help create the kind of world we would like to be a part of.

This responsibility to ourselves, others and the planet is our imperative at this moment in history. To literally live in each moment the change we want to see in the world, by becoming the antidote to hopelessness and despair, is the most powerful position we can take. By choosing to be the light in the darkness in this way, we will instantly attract others who care as much as we do and we will co-create a brighter world as we move forward together, whatever the future may hold.