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Chaseholm Farm Stand

It is with pleasure we discovered the Chaseholm Farm Store located in Pine Plains NY. They offer raw milk, ethically raised veal and beef products, a wide variety of cheese made on the farm, sauerkraut and herbal tinctures.  

This small dairy herd is raised on milk and graze on the farm 8-9 months out of the year.  They are also fed non-GMO corn home grown.

And you can taste the difference! Sarah Chase is the farmer. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the cows and the product and is glad to educate her visitors.  Many people don't know the health benefits of drinking raw milk; it contains microorganisms that boost immunity, nutritious butterfat rich with vitamins A and D and is easier to digest! 

Chaseholm Farm stives to make the customer feel comfortable and at home on the farm. You may bring the family to visit the cows, chat with Sarah, or take a tour of the creamery with her brother Rory Chase! 

It's inspirational to witness young people carrying the family tradition of farming with renewed enthusiasm and vigor.  Sustainably and mindfully Chaseholm Farm is caring for the land, the animals, the community and your health! Plan a visit to Pine Plains and see for yourself why Chaseholm Farm Stand is one of our favorite things! 

Open Saturdays and by appointment 518-339-2071