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Calm in Crisis


Countless ideas for Behind the Page this month have come to me but only one seems inescapable and impossible to ignore. The coronavirus or COVID-19.

The good news from BerkshireStyle is that we are here for you. We work virtually. We arrive in your inbox virtually. We offer great content to keep your interest and your spirits high. Lean on us.

The bad news is that we have a government who is months too late in reacting to this nasty virus and, experts seem to agree, will cost us in suffering and death.

A pandemic. A modern plague the likes of which we have never seen, one which travels the world and knows no boundaries. We are a community of the world.

We all know the basics by now. Wash, wash, wash your hands. Stay apart from your neighbors. Avoid crowds. Self-quarantine should you exhibit any symptoms and, for the elderly and immune compromised, allow them space.

The lack of testing to adequately assess the extent and range of infection, the lack of leadership from our government is a recipe for fear. Fear can weaken our immune system and make us more vulnerable to infection of any variety. This is not an emotion we should embrace. Be quiet and know you are safe in this moment.

I am clearly not a doctor and have no medical expertise. However I would like to share what I am doing to take action against the virus. It is proactive and cannot hurt!

Arsenicum Album 30C
The Indian government’s ministry on alternative medicines has released a health advisory recommending homeopathy to prevent coronavirus.
Dosage: place 10 granules under the tongue and let it dissolve. Do this once a day for 3 days then stop. It is preferred to do this at least 15 minutes before food. Available in most health food stores or at Amazon.
Caution: Do not use if you are using another homeopathic product.

Thieves Oil
This is an essential oil which has a rich and fabled history. Its use dates back to 1413, the time of the Bubonic Plague. The sickness meant ultimate death. At that time thieves were captured and charged with stealing from the sick and dying. They never contracted the plague. They were perfume and spice merchants who prepared an essential oil recipe which, when applied to their hands, ears, temples, feet and masks kept them safe from infection.
Dosage: One or two drops on the bottom of each foot. Wash your hands after usage and do not touch your face. This is a strong oil. It will not hurt you but will sting if you get it on your face. You can also put a drop on a wet paper towel to sanitize door handles or counters.

Please stay safe and take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Follow the CDC suggestions. Take a walk in the sun. Enjoy the beauty of the country. Feel grateful for your life. Breathe.

You are in my prayers.