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Estate of Joan Rivers

No one could accuse Joan Rivers of viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, but now bidders can vie for the chance to observe their surroundings through the late comedian’s very own spectacles.

Rivers, a multi-faceted native-New York comedian, actress, writer, producer and award-winning television host, studded her long career with acerbic humor before her unexpected death following minor surgery in 2014.

Rivers’ personal possessions will be offered today and tomorrow (July 20 and 21) in a live auction by Litchfield County Auctions, Inc. Her household belongings go on the block first followed on the second day by items of personal adornment. Items range from rings to rugs and everything in between.

Rivers’ taste ranged from classic to audacious and bidders can vie for items such as a French Provincial furniture, silver flatware, fine china, linens, luggage, a stunning Art Deco compact in sterling, enamel and jade; an 18 karat gold ring by Bulgari, necklaces galore and more items far too numerous to name.

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