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Gifts for the Sports Fan

by John Torsiello

Everyone has at least one sports fan in his or her family and probably quite a few. So, what to give for the holidays is a question facing millions of Americans at this time of year.

The best thing about buying for a sports enthusiast is that there are so many “toys” to choose from, myriad options with which to bring smiles on Christmas Day. The first thing to determine, however, is what sports(s) your husband, wife, son, daughter, sister, brother—well, you get the idea—are into. Sometimes it may be more than one sport, which makes it even easier to light up their eyes on Christmas day. You can spend less than $100 to several hundred dollars or more for sports-themed gifts.

For the golfer, how about new clubs, which range from a couple hundred bucks for a driver or a putter to more than a thousand for a set or irons, depending upon the quality and brand. Another thoughtful gift is a certificate for a certain number of rounds at his or her favorite course. It’s always nice when you don’t have to pull out the wallet to pay for greens fees.

There are a number of training aids on the market, such as hitting nets and putting greens that can be set up in the basement or garage for hours of fun and practice during the winter.

Tennis players never have enough tennis balls and two dozen cans wrapped up and sitting under the tree will be appreciated. Apparel is always a hit, but I would shy away from sneakers and racquets, as they are very personal choices and might have to be returned if they don’t fit the giftee’s needs and likes.

Kids are pretty easy to buy for. They will probably like anything you give them, depending upon their age of course. Team jerseys are popular as long as you know what and who their favorite teams and players are. There are a number of sports video games, i.e. EA Sports Madden NFL, for kids as well as adult sports fans. It’s a gift that can bring families together as youngsters and adults gather to play the games.

Tickets to sporting events are always a hit, whether for a college game, a golf tournament, a Major League baseball game or tennis’ U.S. Open. The tickets provide something to look forward to in the depths of winter. If you are the kind—and who among us is not?—who likes to buy a gift or two for yourself, you might want to buy a second ticket and tag along.

Books with a sports theme never go out of style.

Neighbors might not like it, but there are some really nice and sturdy portable basketball hoops on the market. It keeps the kids occupied for hours and lets dad and mom join in the fun and spend time with their children. Soccer balls, a new hockey stick, and a pair of skates continue to delight youngsters.

Fishing and hunting gear is a winner for the outdoorsman or woman, as is camping and hiking gear and apparel. Because we may be dealing again with personal preference, gift certificates might be the best option for these individuals.

Sports and technology go together these days. What a great gift a year’s subscription to NFL or Major League baseball television packages makes. The packages allow the subscriber to watch every game every team plays. If your loved one is in the car a lot—and who isn’t?—Sirius XM radio and its sports packages are a wonderful way to block out the noise and while away the time while sitting in traffic or taking a long trip.

Here’s another “everybody is a winner” gift for your sports fan: a large screen, high definition television to watch the games. The quality and clarity of today’s televisions is amazing and enhance the experience of viewing sporting events at home, whether it be the Masters golf tournament or the Super Bowl. The prices for even the largest screen televisions have been significantly lowered over the last few years to the point they can be easily accessed.

Whatever you pick out for your sports fan and weekend warrior they will appreciate knowing that you are invested in and support their cherished hobbies.