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In Gratitude


During the pandemic our eighth anniversary passed unnoticed and uncelebrated. There were more consequential events occurring in the world.

That said, I want to take this opportunity to express gratitude for all the aspirations of BerkshireStyle, for the amazing people with whom I work, for our readers, our advertisers and for those whom we serve.

Our mission is to celebrate the Berkshires and surrounding communities. We are storytellers and seek to inspire and enhance the rural experience, to promote and serve area businesses.

Every day I am newly excited about all that is available here. The arts, of course, the activities, the athletic possibilities, the natural beauty of place. Our hope is to celebrate the richness and vitality of its architects, designers, artists and businesses who have made their mark preserving the Berkshire aesthetic. It is a privilege to be here.

I also want to acknowledge and thank the amazing people who make BerkshireStyle happen every week. Very, very briefly as I could go on and on, a nod to each.

Kathryn Boughton our managing editor, without whom we would not be whole. Her writing and editorial input is, and has always been, invaluable. It is a privilege to work with her.

Jane Worthington-Roth, our food editor, conjures up the most interesting and fun recipes. Not sure how she does it week after week. The response from her loyal fans is positive and more positive.

Joseph Montebello, our contributing writer, is a great source and an engaging personality. He knows many fascinating people and interviews them for us.

John Torsiello writes on sports. I am grateful for his expertise, way beyond my knowledge base. John does this with authority and great knowledge.

Charlotte Penrose is our millennial writer and author of This Week. She reviews all that is happening and selects several must-see or must-do events. She makes it easier to plan your week’s entertainment.

Caroline Phipps is recently on board with her monthly look at our spiritual selves. Her input and explorations feel perfect and especially important at this time.

Kate Erwin, although she has skipped town to live in Canada, manages our social media. This a huge part of what we do and how we reach out to the world. Kate is in charge.

Susie Clayton, our Sales Manager, has been with me from the very beginning. Not only is she good at her job but has taught me greatly on a personal level. Together for so long, she feels like family.

Jean Saliter, with us for the past year, an important addition to our sales force. Of her many talents, she is an expert in both marketing and design. I am delighted she is with us.

Marq Reynolds is also in sales and is responsible for the acquisition of our Country Home each week. We all support him during this period of his life.

Dave Colmar, computer technical genius, also with us from the very beginning. His support and knowledge of the nuts and bolts of online communication is, and has been, vital to our existence.

Deko Design created our original website and then refreshed and remodeled it last year. Elizabeth Lord, with whom I work, is not only an essential part of the puzzle but a sounding board for the reality of internet positioning and protocol.

Danielle Riva, who arrived in the nick of time, keeps us financially organized and the money flowing. Thank you Danielle.

Last but not least, I remember Paul Coughlin, my dear friend and co-founder of BerkshireStyle, who died the next to last day of 2018. It was in his apartment that the site was conceived, that he designed the original site and that we decided to celebrate the Berkshires and be of service in this amazing place. He is with me always.

The overreaching intention of the site is to serve and we continue to look for ways to do so. Recently I received a lovely email from Lindsey Gruen and Jane Whitney of Conversations on the Green. His description of our shared commitment was so beautiful that, with his permission, I publish it here. I cannot say it any better.

We’ve never been fortunate enough to meet, but we did want to write and thank you for the lovely piece about Conversations On the Green that you published in your trend setting Berkshire Style.

Heartfelt appreciation.

On this one, you get points in heaven as you’ve will have made the lives of some our most vulnerable neighbors a little better. We’ll never know the names of the people you’ve helped. But, undoubtably, we’ll raise a little money because of you. And since all of COG’s net proceeds go to various charities, you will make it easier for a few, unnamed peopled to through a rough patch.

That’s magical, godly if you’re inclined to believe in religion. So we’re all in your debt. As Obama would note, it’s because of such small acts of grace that the arc of history is bent and the community becomes a better place to live. We are all enriched and lucky that you’ve taken your considerable skills to create Berkshire Style.