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National Drink Wine Day

We are ticking off 2017’s holidays. The New Year was seen in with the usual hoopla. Valentine’s Day has left sweet memories and we are on the cusp of President’s Day. But there is another holiday shoehorned in between Valentine’s Day and our paean to Washington et al—lesser known to be sure, but perhaps merrier than either.

National Drink Wine Day is celebrated annually on February 18—who’d a thunk it?! It’s not a Hallmark holiday—no cards required. But it does result from a great love affair—man’s millennia-old passion for the fruit of the vine.

Think how wine is woven into the fabric of society—to enhance food, to mark special milestones in our lives, to toast special moments and people, in religious ceremonies or simply at the end of a long day’s work.

So how do you celebrate National Drink Wine Day? By drinking wine, silly! In moderation, of course. But you can make it even more fun by inviting friends in, each bearing a bottle of wine to be entered into a blind wine tasting.

Or perhaps you can stage a vertical wine tasting where you try the same type of wine but from different producers, regions or years. For example, a Chardonnay from California, New Zealand, South Africa and France.

Maybe you can try something new, like making wine cocktails. Pinterest can supply several wine cocktail recipes.

If that doesn’t appeal, how about taking a winetasting class to learn more about wine and/or food pairings. Or attend an in-store wine tasting. Perhaps you will discover a different wine to pair with a favorite dish. If there is no winetasting going on, ask the staff for suggestions and get out of your wine rut.

National Drink Wine Day is not necessarily a gift-giving occasion, but you can turn it into one by giving a friend a special bottle and then lingering to share the experience.