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Rawson Brook Farm

In the Berkshires, bakers make our bread, artisans produce handmade skincare and farms supply our produce.

This embarrassment of localvore riches extends to Rawson Brook Farm in Monterey, MA, with its incredible chèvre made from high quality pasteurized goats’ milk.

Monterey Chèvre is available in three flavors: original, thyme with olive oil or chive and garlic and is the perfect spreadable snack on bread or crackers.

While the texture is similar to cream cheese, the comparison ends there, for all the cheese is handmade and produced from healthy goats - so the taste of the goat milk does not overwhelm the chive and the garlic flavor.  

Available for purchase at Guidos or at the Berkshire Co-op, visitors are also welcome to the small, family run farm.