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Salisbury Ski Fest

In 1924, John Satre emigrated from his native Norway to become a chauffeur for the Warner family in Salisbury. When his brothers, Olaf and Magnus, followed him to America, the brothers brought with them a tradition of ski jumping that was soon transplanted to their new home.

It is said that John, a well-known jumper and cross-country skier, was so eager to resurrect the sport here that he once skied down the roof of a shed, launching himself into the air. Enthusiasm for the sport swept the town and a year later, the men established the Salisbury Outing Club. On January 29, 1927 the club held its first competition with a crowd of more than two hundred spectators. Only six years later, the Salisbury Outing Club hosted the National Championships.

Today, ninety years later, the tradition continues under the auspices of the Salisbury Winter Sports Association, which will hold its Winter JumpFest Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The weekend festivities include ice carving, a human dogsled race, beer, bonfires, plenty of food and, of course, ski jumping.

Target jumping begins Friday night at 7PM and is followed by the Human Dog Sled Race, which features teams of six—five pulling and one riding in the fanciful sleds.

Jumping continues Saturday with Junior jumpers on the hill starting at 9AM. The big jump competitors begin practicing at 11 with the competition starting at 1PM.

Visitors can enjoy the warming bonfires around the grounds while sipping Lagunitas beer and purchasing food at the Cook Shack before adjourning to the evening's Snow Ball to close out the day.

Sunday brings the Eastern U.S. Ski Jumping Championships. Competitors begin practicing at 11AM with competition at 1PM.

For more information call 860-850-0080 or visit the link below.