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Shearing Sheep

The Easter season can be a time of revelation for children. They might learn that eggs do not come from a storage room at the supermarket but rather from living chickens. They become acquainted with furry little bunnies who bear little resemblance to the omniscient Easter Bunny who delivers colorful eggs unlike those laid by the chickens.

Easter is over but the season of disclosure is not over yet. This weekend, when Hancock Shaker Village holds its annual sheep-shearing, youngsters—and adults, alike—can discover that wool does not magically appear in sweaters but begins its journey on the back of a sheep.

Hancock Village invites patrons to come and see how the sheep are shorn and how the wooly fleece is transformed into yarn—and eventually clothing—through carding, washing, spinning, dying and weaving. Participants can even learn how to spin and weave.

During the day visitors can view rarely-displayed Shaker-made woolen items including the famous Shaker cloak. Local fiber artisans will talk about their products and sell their work. And the day provides a perfect opportunity to meet the new spring babies in the barn, to help make a woolly sheep in the Discovery Barn, or patrons can bring needles, yarn and join a Sit ‘n Knit.

The event is planned for April 28th from 10AM to 4PM. The events are included with admission and are free to Village members. The village is located at 1843 West Housatonic Street in Pittsfield.