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Survive the Drive

It has been an easy winter so far, with barely a snowflake to challenge drivers’ skills. But America’s busy roads require constant vigilance and increasingly adroit skills behind the wheel.

Since 1997 Bob Green has dedicated himself to educating people—particularly teens—about driving safety and, through his organization, Survive the Drive, he brings his message to schools and community groups.

“Cars aren't smart enough to crash themselves," he tells his audiences. "A car is as smart as a hockey puck, but what is the first thing people say when they have had a crash—‘It wasn't my fault,' or 'All of a sudden.' Well, most accidents don't just happen. Ninety percent of all accidents have some driver error."

Driver error has become even more prevalent with the emergence of what Green calls "intrusive technologies"—using cell phones, texting, iPods, CD and tape decks, even putting on mascara or reading a book. Incredibly, drivers do all these things while riding down the road, endangering their lives and the lives of others.

"Accidents occur when we are not paying attention,” he said. “Driving is manipulative, in that you have to use your hands, it's visual and it's cognitive. If you are thinking about something else, then you are not doing your job."

To reduce the prevalence of driver error, Green and his organization provide Behind the Wheel, hands-on defensive driving programs, the next of which is set for February 15th, 10AM to 2PM, at Lime Rock Park. The fee is $299 for individual parents and teens. Instruction will focus on skid capability, vehicle control, braking techniques and crash avoidance maneuvers.

Participants must present a valid driver’s license or permit; provide proof of insurance; if younger than 18, be accompanied by parent or guardian; provide proof of registration of the participating vehicle; have good tires and possess one spare tire or run-flat tires; check the gas gauge before arrival; wear flat shoes (no sandals or open toes) and comfortable clothing.

To register for the program call 860-435-1054 or click on the link below.