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With Thanks


As we approach Thanksgiving I want to take this opportunity to recognize and salute the amazing folks who contribute to BerkshireStyle. This team is responsible for our publication each week. We would be nothing without them. Please know I am grateful.

BerkshireStyle will celebrate its tenth anniversary early next year. I am reminded of our vision: to celebrate the Berkshires, to tell stories that inspire, to reflect the rural experience and to promote area businesses.

I feel the vibrancy of your community and agree that local strengths are to be cherished.
- Frances V

I begin with the memory of my dear friend and co-founder, Paul Coughlin, photographer, art director and web designer. We sat together for two years to create this website. His wisdom, talent and counsel were inspirational.

Your hard work and great taste have come together beautifully. It is the most beautiful website I've seen in a long time. – John C

As a newcomer to Sharon I discovered Kathryn Boughton. She interviewed me for a story on my show dogs for the Litchfield County Times (and took a wonderful photo of us all). I much admired her writing and was excited when she agreed to join us. She is now Managing Editor and has a devoted following of her column, Out on a Limb. Without her talent BerkshireStyle would be far less stylish.

Just finished your latest article and am bowled over once again with your eloquence and depth of analysis. Also your willingness to, yes, go out on a limb!  - Marge A

Jane Worthington Roth has a passion for cooking which she shares in her weekly column, Berkshire Kitchen. What would we do without her? She has many followers, chefs and would be chefs, and never disappoints with her fabulous recipes.

Gotta say I love your Berkshire Kitchen column.  Does Ms. Worthington ever hit anything less than a home run? -Chris J

Charlotte Penrose researches and writes Happening this Week A relative newcomer to the Berkshires, she has been with us for five years. Charlotte brings a younger point of view to our pages and highlights five events each week. How she selects from the multitude of interesting happenings is a mystery yet she does to create a much treasured column.

Love Charlotte Penrose’s segment!!! - Nan H.

I was introduced to Joseph Montebello by a mutual friend and was surprised and delighted he agreed to join us. The former creative director of HarperCollins Publishers and radio talk show host on WVOX, his beat is Litchfield County (for the most part) and celebrity interviews. We are fortunate to have found him.

Your site is really the happening scene as far as we're concerned.” – Ian I

I have known and respected Carolyn Phipps for many years both as a friend and for her work as a life coach. The spiritual and psychological are passions of mine and I wanted to share this point of view with our readers.. Carolyn returned last year with her column, Inner Elegance. So happy to have her thoughtful words each month.

BerkshireStyle just keeps getting better and better! It's a real asset to the area.” – Janet O

Susie Clayton joined us in advertising sales at the very beginning. She has been there through thick and thin, a constant cheerleader through the ups and downs, good years and and challenging ones, urging us forward. With her good humor and spunk, I cannot imagine us without her.

I enjoyed advertising my first book via Berkshire Style, The ad exposure led to great book sales!
- Kate D

Marq Reynolds is a newer member of our sales team. He covers the real estate market and finds Country Homes for us each week. He has taken a step back recently however I am happy to have him as part of our team.

We absolutely love the way which Plum Creek Farm was featured. 
- Holly C, Elyse Harney Real Estate

And now a salute to the members of BerkshireStyle who work behind the scene.

Kate Erwin has been with us for many years, managing Instagram and other social media. Although she moved to Canada a while ago, she maintains the Berkshire ethos on the web. I am grateful to her online savvy and nimble fingers. Thank you Kate.

Danielle Riva. When it became more than obvious that the books were in disarray and I was to blame, I found Danielle. Words cannot express how happy I was/am to have a pro take over accounting tasks. Her calm presence and attention to detail are so welcome.

Dave Colmar of ALX Creative Tech joined us at the start. From the very beginning he offered valuable website services too numerous to mention. Dave has proven a trusted resource. My computer guru, he is also a kind friend and consultant. Cheers to you!

And last, but most definitely not least, Elizabeth Lord of Deko Designs. Paul and I first met her twelve years ago as we imagined the original site. Elizabeth turned our vision into an actual website. Then again she worked with me to refresh and update BerkshireStyle a few years ago. She has been a patient and amazing teacher, an integral part of this adventure.

This is simply stunning. STUNNING… (I) found the entire site inviting, beautifully designed and welcoming. – Samm C

And a special thank you to our readers! Without you we would have no reason to exist. I am grateful to you, one and all.

I trust that the spirit of the Berkshires is reflected on our pages and that we provide a valuable resource. I hope we have fulfilled our vision.

Happy Thanksgiving.