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We realize that these can be so very useful. A new scarf, a pair of shoes, a beautiful jewel can make an old dress take on renewed and bright meaning. Here are some of our favorites.

Cyril & Dayne Haute Couture Eyewear. Hand-made to order in France from high-quality, expensive material, our eyewear is made with extreme attention to detail.
285 Main Street Great Barrington MA 01230 413.528.6330
Elizabeth’s Jewelry & Fine Gifts The area's premium jewelry and fine gift establishment includes jewelry for every budget and gift items for all occasions.
110 Route 44 Millerton NY 12546 518.789.4649
Privet Lives A small, cozy jewel box, an ever-evolving concept space that celebrates brands, designers and artisans we admire, notably Figue, Filson, Norma Kamali, Shinola and Yeohlee.
13 East Shore Road New Preston CT 06777 860.868.1800
Zabian’s Jewelers A family business known for their fine quality diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, jewelry, handcrafted designs and exceptional customer care.
15 Main Street Lee MA 01238 413.243.0508


Circa Design Diverse collection of innovative and contemporary natural stone jewelry integrating semi-precious stones and exotic pearls to produce an elegant and graceful style.
66 Route 343 Millbrook NY 12545 845.797.4977


Alicia Adams Alpaca Specializes in the design and production of textiles and clothing, utilizing the natural and sustainable characteristics of alpaca wool.
3262 Franklin Avenue Millbrook New York 12545 845.868.5366