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What is Life without Style

Toni Tucker is an acclaimed photographer who is passionate about her love of animals and people; she also has a deep appreciation of great design. Through the creation of, she is able to combine her talents with her passions while simultaneously encouraging people to enjoy a region that has inspired her since childhood.

How does it feel to be co-founder of an award-winning online magazine?
Fabulous!!! The best news however is that we are having a wonderful ride. You know it is less about the destination than the journey. I love the journey.

What is most satisfying about this new role?
I am learning and exploring every day. There are so many parts of business about which I knew nothing. Business plans. Social media. Advertising sales. The challenge is to understand and incorporate it all. I love the networking and have met some of the most talented and fascinating people.

How have your past experiences - in life and work - contributed to this new endeavor?
I never really considered it until now but this website is a culmination of many past jobs and past experience. My father was a newspaper publisher and I grew up with the news. My first career was as an interior decorator. I then went on to work in television news. I am a photographer and have taken most of the photographs on the site. As varied as my background appears, it has all prepared me to do this work.

What does the publication do for your community and the Berkshire region?
I consider it to be a celebration of this glorious area and hope that this spirit is reflected on its pages. I hope it will continue to be a valuable resource for those who want some direction on where to go or eat in the region. We have done the legwork for you and hope you consider us to be your “new best friend in the Berkshires.” We have noted the finest businesses and are here to support them.

What is unique to your e-magazine, in comparison to your competitors?
Our focus is what sets us apart. We have done our research and pass our taste on to our subscribers. There are so many choices and we want to recommend the very best.

What do you mean by “BerkshireStyle”?
The Berkshire region is famous for its breathtaking beauty and has inspired a tradition of gracious living. This distinctive style is reflected in how we live, how we appreciate our natural surroundings, how we prepare meals and how we enjoy fine craftsmanship and design.

Lambs have a high profile on your website. Can you say a little about their significance?
We adore all animals and sheep in particular captured Paul's and my attention.

How do you see the publication expand and grow into the future?
We will just get better and better at what we do for the foreseeable future. After that, who knows? I am sure there are other stylish areas in the country.