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At First Blush

Apple Season Arrives

Crunch! That first bite into a freshly picked apple is an earthly pleasure that makes it easy to understand why Eve got us into all this trouble. Even expulsion from the Garden of Eden is justified by the explosion of sweetness, tinged with tart undertones, that fills the mouth.

And this is the season for those of us tempted by apples. The fruit in regional orchards is either ready to pick or nearing ripeness. So get out and enjoy a day in the autumn sunshine, picking your own apples or, if that is too athletic, purchasing a peck of already picked fruit (say that five times fast!).

Here are some places to try:


Hilltop Orchards 508 Canaan Road Richmond 413-698-3301
Hilltop Orchards

Jaeschke’s Orchard 740 Crane Avenue Pittsfield 413-443-7180 Jaeschke’s Orchard

Lakeview Orchards 94 Old Cheshire Road Lanesborough 413-448-6009 Lakeview Orchard

Windy Hill Farm 686 Stockbridge Road Great Barrington 413-298-3217 Windy Hill Farm

Bartlett’s Orchard 575 Swamp Road Richmond 413-698-2559
Bartlett's Orchard

Riiska Brook Orchards 101 New Hartford Rd Sandisfield 413-258-4761 Riiiska Brook Orchard


Averill Farm 250 Calhoun Street Washington Depot 860-868-2777
Avrill Farm

Ellsworth Hill Orchard 461 Cornwall Bridge Road Sharon 860-364-0025 Ellsworth Hill Orchard & Berry Farm

Maple Bank Farm 53 Church Street Roxbury 860-354-7038
Maple Bank Farm

March Farm 160 Munger Lane Bethlehem 203-266-7721
March Farm

Starberry Farm Kielwasser Road Washington Depot 860-868-2863 Starberry Farm

New York State

Maynard Orchards 326 River Road Ulster Park NY 12487 845-331-6908 Maynard Farms & Orchards

Thompson-Finch Farm 750 Wiltsie Bridge Road Ancram 518-329-7578 Thompson-Finch Farm

The Berry Farm 2304 State Route 203 Chatham 518-392-4609
The Berry Farm