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Back Pocket Pasta

Pasta has nourished mankind from the earliest days of horticulture. Some place its origin in China, where it was discovered in the 13th century by Marco Polo and brought back to Europe. Others have noted that the Etruscans, Romans and Greeks all had dishes made from pasta.

We will never know what culinary genius came up with this nutritious food, but what is certain is that Colu Henry, a former director of special projects for Bon Appetit, is raising the staple to new heights through her book, Back Pocket Pasta, which shows how a well-stocked kitchen and a few seasonal ingredients can be the foundation for delicious, simply prepared meals.

Henry, who makes her home in Hudson NY, will sign her book and create one of her recipes at Dawn Hill Antiques Saturday, June 3rd, from 3PM to 6PM. Colu’s demonstration will be enhanced by seven must-have tools for making great pasta from the nearby New Preston Kitchen Goods, including a Japanese chopping knife, a ladle, tongs, a microplane grater, a paring knife, mortar and pestle and an All Clad pasta pot.

Colu will prepared the dish using seasonal local produce—herbs, cheeses and olive oil from New Preston’s purveyor, The Smithy’s.

Colu spent her early days working in the fashion and lifestyle world, but found herself drawn to food, wine and restaurants. She spent six years representing high-profile chefs such as Marcus Samuelsson, Kurt Gutenbrunner and Scott Conant. She eventually followed her passion for Pinot Noir to Oregon where she worked in public relations for the Oregon Wine Board.

Colu later joined Bon Appétit, first as the director of public relations and eventually becoming the director of special projects. She has also completed Fine Cooking One at the Institute of Culinary Education.