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Berkshire Mountain Bakery

Since 1986, Berkshire Mountain Bakery has been hard at work bringing European style breads and pastries to Massachusetts. Owner Richard Bourdon first arrived in the US in 1985 where he worked in Becket before expanding to his current location in Housatonic. By 1987 he was producing over 8,000 loaves a week, spreading his unique and distinguishable breads to restaurants and families across the country.

Richard Bourdon was originally born in Quebec, and was studying music when he first became interested in the food production industry. He studied and refined his skills throughout Europe and ran a bakery in Amsterdam for six years. It is there that he developed his signature taste; he took it with him to the States where he continues to use traditional European techniques in each of his hand shapes loaves.

Berkshire Mountain Bakery offers a number of organic and healthy breads, cookies and pastries that have become standard in restaurants and households around the Berkshires. They even offer signature “Take ‘N’ Bake” pizza’s so anyone may bring home the taste of the Berkshires.

To enter the bakery is to dive into the past of bread making history where production is done mainly by hand - the classic way with a slightly modern twist. They even grind their own grains on site using a slow stone mill.

You can meet Bourdon any day at Berkshire Mountain Bakery, hard at work doing what he loves and providing customers with the top quality breads for which he is well known.