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Berkshire Orchids

Orchids are delicate, but eighty-one year old Anne Roberts Levine is not. “I hate not being busy,” said the owner of Berkshire Orchids. “I really love this business—I get really excited about the whole thing.”

Levine, who operates her business out of a basement greenhouse in Lakeville, is getting ready for her busy season. “I’m just beginning to open up now,” she said, “and I’m really chuffed about it. I’m an obsessive shopper and this is a much better channel for my shopping, where I actually make money.”

In addition to her custom in-home orchid designs, customers can also pick out orchids from her greenhouse in Lakeville. They can bring their own containers or choose from baskets, cache pots and terra-cotta stock Levine carries.

“They can choose their orchids and we put it in a container and dress it up. We can make a rather chic New York whatever at rather modest prices. I will go to houses but it is more expensive and it’s more creative to pick out your own plant.”

She says that if a customer cannot find a desired plant, she will order it if it's in season. Plants can be picked up at the greenhouse or, if the order is more than $250, she will deliver within a 30-mile radius and arrange it to the client’s liking.

Levine can also be found at the Great Barrington MA Farmer’s Market during the summer, an activity she greatly enjoys. “It makes me part of the community,” she says, “which feels really, really good when you get older.”

Those who wish to visit the greenhouse must call 860-435-9617 to make an appointment. Visit her website linked below or e-mail her at