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Clean, crisp architectural lines, buttery soft fabrics and delightfully healthful foods unite to create a smorgasbord of sensory impressions when first entering Casana, a combination tea house and sales room for a luxury brand of cashmere products at 2633 State Road in Hillsdale.

A soft November light flooded the boutique’s sales space, making the soft colors of the cashmere scarves, wraps, throws on display seem to glow with an inner illumination against the neutral tones of the spare, modern, 4,000-square-foot sales space and tearoom. The building, designed by Carrie Chen Design Group, also houses the designer’s studio on the second floor.

Chen, an architect and fashion designer, recently opened the space as her first flagship store. Chen is proud of her socially responsible fashion brand, which promotes both sustainable and ethical business practices. A profit share program supports education and health care locally and abroad.

The wool for her products is harvested each spring by Nepalese craftsmen, who comb and collect the silky fleece from the chest, neck and underbelly of Himalayan Mountain goats. The finest hairs are hand-selected and sorted to give Casana products the softest feel. The wool is hand-spun and woven on a traditional Napalese looms with no environmental impact. It is then ready to be hand-dyed and silk-screened with Chen’s original designs.

The second half of the building is dedicated to the stylish Casana Tea House, which serves teas, coffee, pastries, soups, quiches and other nutritious delectables. Displayed on shelves along one wall of the Tea House are handsome gift items—china teapots and cups, pottery, books and more.

Casana and Casana Tea House are are open Monday-Sunday, 8AM-4PM. For more information call 518-325-6105 or click on the links below.