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Crown Maple

What’s better than fine maple syrup and pancakes? You can find this not far away in Dover Plains NY at Madava Farms.

When it comes to products and goods locally produced, we tend to be a little biased. But we can say without prejudice that Crown Maple Syrup is our favorite syrup, hands down. Made right in Dutchess County, their process of making syrup has been elevated to an art form.

The high-quality organic syrup has a very distinctive taste that begins at the source: maple trees. The 800-acre farm is filled with sugar and red maple trees that produce incredibly sweet sap. This combined with the temperature and terrior of the Hudson Valley gives Crown Maple its fresh taste. The trees are hand tapped, the syrup boiled and hand-sifted on the premises; you can taste the difference in the small batch, laborious process.

Visit Madava Farms for a maple tour and view all of Crown Maple’s hand bottling and sugar making operations. They host many special events such as the upcoming Winter Dinner on January 23rd and a Pancake Breakfast on the 31st.