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Dirty Bread

by Jane Worthington-Roth

Here's an easy recipe for a quick and easy snack/appetizer. It's perfect for this fluctuating weather, because you can make it in the oven if it's chilly outside or cook it on the grill if the weather is warm enough to be outside.

I'm sure there are many names for this type of snack, but we've always just called it Dirty Bread.

Any flatbread will do, but I especially like to make it with Naan, the Indian-style bread that's available now in most Berkshire supermarkets.  Naan is delicious on its own - grilled, toasted, or even warmed on a gas stovetop - but to make it really great top it with some flavorful olive oil and za'atar.  

Za'atar is a Middle-Eastern blend of spices that include sesame seeds, thyme and sumac.  The sesame seeds give it crunch, the thyme adds an herbal note, and the sumac gives it a citrusy tang. Za'atar is available in specialty food markets, or you can order it online from

To make Dirty Bread, place the Naan on a cookie sheet, drizzle a good douse of olive oil on the Naan, then sprinkle with za'atar. Pop it in a 400 degree oven and heat for about 3 minutes. Cut into slices and enjoy!

Once you taste Za'atar, you will want to sprinkle it on everything - veggies, grilled meats and fish, or even in some plain yogurt as a dip.