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Dog Dance

I’ve never had a dog with rhythm. To be fair, I have never tripped the light fantastic, myself, but I have always admired those who can “dance as if no one is watching.”

Now, thanks to the Becket MA dance center, Jacob’s Pillow, those with a flair for footwork—and even those without—can join with their canine companions in Dog Dance, a series of simple and fun movements designed to highlight the beauty of our personal pooches and their unique relationship with humans.

Back by popular demand, the virtual event will take place August 1st starting at 11:30AM. It will be led by Elizabeth Johnson Levine, associate artistic director of Dance Exchange, and DZ Maciel, a dance artist and educator. Johnson works to connect communities through choreography, designing participatory creative experiences, while Maciel is the artistic director and choreographer of DZ Maciel, which acts as an intersection of dance theater works and community engagement.

No dance experience is required for human or animals in this free event but the participants should find a safe, open space to move in. Any of the movements can be modified as needed.

While meant to be a joyful interaction between canine companions and their humans, there is a still deeper purpose to the event. Participants are asked to consider a donation, the proceeds of which will be shared with the Berkshire Humane Society to assist its Ken Freeberg Fund. The fund helps pay medical expenses for shelter animals. A button on the website allows donors to give a gift of any size.

Registration is required by 9AM on the day of the event. Those who would like to join in should RSVP and review the Participant Waiver and Release of Liability. By clicking the Reserve Now checkbox, participants agree to the waiver.

ZOOM must be downloaded to access the session and all attendees will receive an email shortly before the event with the ZOOM link and the password. A reliable internet connection is required as is a device with a camera and speaker, such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with a webcam.

For reservations and further information, please click on the link below.