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Eckert Fine Art Opens in Kent

Jane Coats Eckert has moved her gallery, Eckert Fine Arts, to 12 Old Barn Road in Kent, closing the Shekomeko NY location.

In doing so, she has come full circle, returning to the town where she first opened her gallery after moving north from Florida.

“I had a gallery in Kent before,” she said, “but then they were selling the building, so I moved. I had a chance to come back and be in the wonderful area where the Barns are. They are doing a great job of making it a beautiful space with galleries and great shops.”

Other than her location, little will change. Eckert said. She will continue to offer the works of her featured artists: Eric Forstmann, 
Robert Cottingham
, Robert Indiana,
 Hunt Slonem, 
Robert Rauschenberg
, and more.

Eckert said she worked with Robert Rauschenberg when the gallery was established and still carries the late artist’s work. “He died in 2008 but I still get a lot of his work,” she said.

Among her living artists is Forstmann, who is currently being featured in a show at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge MA.
“We’ve worked together since 2000,” she said, “and he is my best-selling artist. I have a lot of his landscapes of the area and his wonderful, tight realist still life paintings—and of course, his (paintings of) shirts hanging on the wall.”

The gallery is open Saturdays and Sundays, 10AM to 5PM. “I think I will expand to Thursdays and Fridays in the fall,” she said.