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Five Senses Festival

Northwestern Connecticut has long been a balm for frazzled souls and for three weekends in July and August Pilobolus, the world renowned movement group, is inviting visitors to tap into the deep reserve of harmony and balance the region provides.

For three weekends, July 27th through August 11th, the Come to your Senses Festival will offer world-class concerts, interactive art, local food, creative conversation and natural beauty, all beginning this Saturday, July 21, when the festival site is unveiled at 292 Bee Brook Road during the Five Senses Ball.

The Ball, which raises funds to ensure festival event tickets are low cost or free to the public, features not only a performance by Pilobolus but also culinary offerings by chef Joel Viehland, a solo violin performance by internationally rising star Simone Porter and a benediction by world-renowned designer Bruce Mau. There will be art installations by William Kentridge, Marilyn Minter, Mark Mennin and Lauren Booth.

Those wishing to attend should call 212-920-7341 or

The Five Senses Festival itself begins July 27th and continues for three weekends with multi-arts programs for all ages planned from morning to night. Weekdays are quiet and contemplative with artists drawing in the woods; dancers meditating, doing yoga, and practicing on the field and community partners—such as the Washington Art Association, the Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens, ASAP!, Steep Rock Association, and many more nonprofits and businesses—offering co-programming around town.

Weekends abound with activities ranging from discussions such as Time & Mindfulness by Dani Shapiro and Sylvia Boorstein, to community meals, to an evening speakeasy. There will also be a multitude of performances for children and adults, alike. A full schedule of events and tickets can be found here at fivesensesfestival.

Pilobolus is an internationally renowned movement company, that performs annually for more than 300,000 people.