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Isabel's Kitchen

Isabel Tonelli spends her days introducing clients to the good life—a life of savoring good foods and good moments.

Tonelli, a chef and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, recently opened Isabel’s Kitchen at 7795 South Main Street in Pine Plains. There she creates wholesome foods and drinks designed to cleanse the body of toxins.

With “Restore, Renew, Revive” as her mantra, Isabel launched Isabel’s Kitchen last December to provide plant-based cleanses, gourmet prepared meals and lifestyle products. “I love to cook and when I get feedback (from my clients), it so rewarding,” she said.

She said her business started when she started to create cleanses “for friends, and then friends of friends until, finally, I couldn’t accommodate it from a home kitchen.” Settling on a reasonably priced space in Pine Plains with a commercial kitchen, she created a space where customers can purchase prepared food to go or settle in at the communal table to enjoy their repast.

Her foods are now available both at her Pine Plains outlet, which is open Friday through Sunday (in June she will add Thursdays) and from Four Seasons health food store in Lakeville, where she makes deliveries three times a week.

“People who don’t want to drive to Pine Plains can just pick up the foods or they put in an order and pick it up there,” said Tonelli. “I also make deliveries to Lakeville, Millerton, Sharon and Millbrook.”

The introduction to her food is usually through a “cleanse,” three days of eating anti-inflammatory foods and beverages that contain no nitrates, no gluten and no dairy. “It keeps their blood sugars stable and they feel great,” she said. “They don’t have cravings. The food is all made for them, which gives them time to nurture their souls.”

Throughout the cleanse, Tonelli communicates with her clients—if desired—offering suggestions about ways they can care for themselves

“They discover a new way to eat,” she said, “and they want to continue it. But cooking this way is time-consuming. This way, they can continue to eat these foods while concentrating on other things.”

She said some clients cook with her in her kitchen to learn how to create their own meals. “I give cooking classes, as well,” she said. “I am doing another in June.”

For more information, call 518-398-5020 or e-mail