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MacKimmie Co

With cold nights gathering, MacKimmie Co. in Lenox MA may have just the right idea.

The firm, which moved to the Berkshires eighteen months ago from Marblehead MA, purveys a “world of cocooning and nurturing” in its luxurious, heritage blankets, throws and eclectic textiles for home and person.

Proprietor Doris Barsauskas said the move to the Berkshires came after a visit to the region. “We’re among those who came to the Berkshires and fell in love with the place,” she said.

After researching the business climate, she decided her business would mesh nicely with the lifestyle of western Massachusetts. “We sell everything from receiving blankets for babies to king-size bed blankets - cottons, linens and all kinds of wools. We do small gifts, some for the household, many personal, all made the American way.”

She said the shop carries three American lines, including her private label “Heritage” blanket made in Maine. “I wish you could touch it,” she enthused. “It’s made of merino lamb’s wool and is so soft. It’s wonderful we can have it made here.”

“I also import directly from Scotland, Ireland, Austria and the UK,” she said. “Some of mills I deal with are 200 years old. They don’t have to reinvent anything. I carry brands that are traditional with a little bit of a twist for people who want to buy something once in a lifetime.”

She said the trend in recent decades has been to buy “cheap and cheerful” goods that wear out quickly and pass from view unlamented. “But I am seeing a swing back. It’s not that these blankets will never wear out, but they are not disposable. They are meant to be mended and darned. It has surprised me how nostalgic a blanket can be. They seem to evoke warm feelings - it’s about caring for family.”

Her Nova Scotian childhood roots influence her choice of goods. “We’re not so fancy-schmancy. We’re just selling beautiful textiles.” She celebrates her roots in her shop’s name, as well. MacKimmie is her maiden name and pays tribute to her father. “It’s a name I love and is in celebration of him,” she said.

MacKimmie Co. will host author Gina Hyams December 4th from 6 -8PM when she will sign copies of her book, The Tanglewood Picnic.

McKimmie’s is located at 67 Church Street, Lenox; 413.637.9060; or on facebook.