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New Preston Winter Walk

The weathermen are predicting snow this weekend. Not a lot of snow. Not the stay at home, put on your slippers and cuddle up with a book kind of snow. Rather, this will be a light garnish, just the finishing touch for the festive atmosphere created by New Preston business people who have strung garlands, lights and greenery and arranged eye-catching Christmas windows.

The snow will arrive just in time to enhance the eighth annual New Preston Village Winter Walk this Saturday from 1-4PM. Fourteen shops will be filled with sophisticated collections of gifts, antiques, clothing, home and kitchen goods, seasonal plants, holiday decorations and local foods. Visitors can pause in their visit for a late lunch at Nine Main or The Owl Wine Bar to enjoy a new wine or to discover the Owl and Salvatore Anthony Hair Studio Leitz Leather Pop-up shop.

The Smithy offers an inviting fireplace and visitors can choose from an array of holiday breads, soups, artisanal cheeses, fresh crispy lettuce and veggies from local greenhouses. Also meet seven local artisans offering everything from jewelry to printed linens and henna art.

Dawn Hill Antiques will host a book signing with Peden+Munk (Taylor Peden and Jen Munkvold), photographers of Sweet, a celebration of dessert by famed British/Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi. Pink champagne and sweet treats made with recipes from the book will be served.

Upstairs Antiques offers brass and copper accessories from Patina and rugs from the Nemati Collection, while Peden’s Vintage has vinyl—including a great selection of vintage Christmas albums. Antique Wicker offers cozy wicker furniture and accessories.

Pergola will be filled with seasonal specialties and holiday bulb plantings, all of which can be enjoyed while sipping complementary eggnog.

J. Seitz gives a nod to vegetarians in serving vegan eggnog, while holding a raffle to win a USA-made, tie-dye travel blanket.

New Preston Kitchen Goods will feature a demonstration of how to make delectable gingerbread waffles perfect for Christmas morning and Privet House and Volume 1 Antiques will be decked out for the holidays with new and unusual holiday décor. Privet Lives is featuring Alicia Adams Alpaca a fine line of scarves, throws and sweaters.

The shop Sweets will live up to its name, handing out festive candy canes to all. Nearby, DK Shulman will host Linda Filley and her unique paper shoe creations.

At Plain Goods, just around the corner, British threads from Margaret Howell, shoes, beauty items and antiques all will be on view.

Cold weather gives everyone an appetite so consider dinner at The White Horse Tavern right down the road with its roaring fireplace and hearty food. Of course, the holidays are a time for conviviality, so stock up on wine and champagne from County Wine and Spirits as you head out of town.