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Pumpkin Trail

It seems like only yesterday that the Easter Bunny hopped down the Bunny Trail, but now we are on another kind of trail, searching for pumpkins. Pumpkins are among the most versatile of vegetables, suitable both for decorative and food purposes. They are rich in beta-carotene and low in calories and saturated fat. Even their seeds can be roasted for a flavorful snack. But perhaps they are most sought out for their use as Halloween props, transformed from useful food stock to fanciful goblins.

In fall, they can be found in virtually every store but it is much more fun to take a sunny autumn drive to seek them out at one of the many farm stands that dot Litchfield, Berkshire and Dutchess Counties.
Here are some—certainly not all—of the places to pick a pumpkin.


Ellsworth HIll Orchard and Berry Farm
461 Cornwall Bridge Rd (Route 4) Sharon CT
Phone: 860-364-0025.

Angevine Farm
40 Angevine Road, Warren, CT
Phone: 860-868-7226.
Alternate Phone: 860-601-5906.

Averill Farm
250 Calhoun St, Washington Depot, CT
Phone: 860-868-2777.

Bunnell Farm
524 Maple Street, Litchfield, CT
Phone: 860-567-9576.

March Farm
160 Munger Lane, Bethlehem, CT
Phone: 203-266-7721.

Ruwet Farm
East Pearl Road, Torrington, CT
Phone: 860-866-6338.

South Farms
21 Higbie Road, Morris, CT
Phone: 860-567-9847.


Bartlett’s Apple Orchard
575 Swamp Road, Richmond, MA
Phone: 413-698-2559.

Howden Farm
303 Rannapo Road, Sheffield, MA
Phone: 413-229-8481

Ioka Valley Farm
3475 Route 43, Hancock, MA
Phone: 413-738-5915.

Riiska Brook Orchard
101 New Hartford Road, Sandisfield, MA
Phone: 413-258-4761.

Taft Farms
119 Park St. North, Great Barrington, MA
Phone: 413-528-1515.

Windy Hill Farm
686 Stockbridge Road, Great Barrington, MA
Phone: 413-298-3217.


Greig Farm
223 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, NY
Phone: 845-758-1234.

Hearty Roots Community Farm
223 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, NY
Phone: 845-943-8699

The Berry Farm
2309 Route 203, Chatham, NY
Phone: 518-392-4609.