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Taconic Learning Center

The tristate region is distinguished by the rich diversity of people who make it their home. Here one finds the sixth-generation farmer, the entrepreneur and businessman, the author or artist, retired executives and professors, doctors, lawyers and even some Indian chiefs.

Many of these individuals are lifelong learners and their undiminished curiosity can be satisfied by participation in Taconic Learning Center courses. TLC was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1989 and has provided more than a quarter century of non-credit college-level courses on a wide range of subjects in fall and spring semesters.

From the start the offerings were eclectic: the American Constitution, Anthropology, Modern Man, Mayan Archaeology and Modern Irish Literature. The breadth of the classes has not diminished with the decades and an enticing array of intellectually stimulating material is being prepared for the fall semester, which begins September 14th. Among the classes are:

Back On The Bawdy Road To Paradise: The Rest of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Instructor: Mark Scarbrough. Geer Village, Monday. 2-4PM. September 14 - November 2.

The Gershwin Brothers: from Tin Pan Alley to the Metropolitan Opera. Instructor: Thomas Gruenewald. Noble Horizons. Tuesday. 10AM-12PM. September 15 - November 3.

The Roberts Court, 2014-2015, Instructor: Laurance Rand. Noble Horizons. Tuesday. 2-4PM. September 15 - November 3.

Neglected French Opera?” Berlioz's “Les Troyens”; Gounod's “Faust”; Ambroise Thomas’ “Hamlet”; Bizet’s “Carmen”; Massenet’s “Manon,” and more. Instructor: Robert Julien. Noble Horizons. Wednesday, 10AM-12PM. September 16 - November 4.

Play Reading,” plays by a contemporary American playwright, Edward Albee. Instructor: Rosemary Farnsworth. Geer Village. Wednesday. 10AM-12PM. September 16 - November 11.

Asian Philosophy, an introduction to the history of Indian and other Asian philosophical traditions. Instructor: Richard Olsen. Noble Horizons. Wednesday. 2–4PM. September16 - November 4.

Poems That Make It: an evaluation of poems, determining which ones “sing to us.Instructor: Maura Wolf. Geer Village. Thursday. 10AM-12PM. September 24 - October 29.

Water, Water Everywhere, but…” It’s cheap and abundant until it’s not. What’s happening? Instructors/Organizers: Lynn Whelchel, Dick Paddock and Jerry Jamin. Geer Village. Thursday. 2-4PM. September 17 - November 5.

<Genesis: Stories That Have Shaped Our Culture. This class is conducted as a seminar. Please Bring a Bible. Instructor: Richard Taber. Noble Horizons. Friday, 10AM-12PM. September 18 – November 6.

The Israel-Palestine Conflict, 65 years later this course looks at the situation from different perspectives. Instructor: Laurance Rand. Noble Horizons. Friday. 10AM-12PM. September 18 - November 6.