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Visionary Computer

Nothing changes faster than the world of technology and David Maffucci of Visionary Computer in Lakeville has always been ready to change with the times. Starting primarily as a service provider in 1994, Maffucci’s business has grown to include sales and service and now employs eight people.

Now, he is poised to grow again, expanding his 1,300-square-foot building to 1800-square-feet with a full cellar. “This place is very small,” he said, “and as part of moving forward into 2016, we are looking toward expansion. Nature abhors a vacuum and I am sure we will fill it.”

Maffucci deals exclusively with Apple computers, iPhones and tablets and he said as the only Apple dealer within an hour’s radius, “we’re in a wonderful white space” and that sales and service “keep both sides of the business humming.”

But, he does not take his position in Apple’s world for granted. “We try to give our customers a pretty compelling reason to continue with us.” That compelling reason is the personal attention each customer receives, both at the point of sale and in follow-up service.

Whereas other businesses send computers out for service while the customer waits weeks for their return, Maffucci and his colleagues do the work in-house. “For computers, there is almost nothing we can’t fix. We like to be able to have clients drop off their computers on their way to lunch and pick it up on their way back to work,” he said.

“I think the thing that differentiates us is the service element,” he said. “It’s how people are treated when they come in for a sales consultation through to the service we give. That is why it works for us being here - we can give personal attention.”

Even with more space on the horizon, Maffucci is feeling the need to clean house. Thus, he is playing Santa this holiday season, giving away older Mac computers. “We have amassed a tremendous number of computers that we usually sell,” he said. “Many are older and I can barely get decent prices for them, so I am giving away 10 Macs. I want to do something nice for people and to get the computers out of the office.”

Not included are warranties on the computers or charging units. He offers discounts on the latter.

Maffucci is holding drawings through his Facebook page. To enter, hopeful recipients need only go to his page and share his posting with their friends. “You share it, your friends share it - I’ve already gotten 200 new Facebook likes. People are finding out about us and I hope they may someday come to us.”

Maffucci posts the computers “when I have time” but holds a drawing at noon the day following the most recent posting. “If I get 150 people who have shared, I go to and tell it to choose a number between 1 and 150,” he explains. “The four people who have won so far had been very happy.”

Visionary Computer is located at 29 Bissell Street in Lakeville CT; 860-435-2211.