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Wearable Art

Faith Hochberg’s life is composed of color, texture and composition. Her journey has propelled her into a career as a painter and on to the creation of richly complex jewelry. Her future: an exploration of sculpture.

For the moment her “wearable art,” created through an “organic process” conducted at an old roll-top desk in her Lakeville studio, satisfies her sculptural instincts.

“I’m constantly acquiring interesting types of materials,” she said. “Then I look through the other things I have. I start with an idea of color or texture and just add around it to see what comes alive. I have two goals—to make an abstract composition that is unique and sculptural and to create something that, when a woman puts it on, she will glow and light up a room.”

The necklaces are equally at home with black jeans and a neutral top as in a board room. “I never can forget that woman has to wear it and look beautiful. It has to be rhythmic, and the colors and textures balanced,” she said.

Her works are marketed through her website (below), at Passports in Salisbury and at the Mayflower Inn in Washington CT.