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Whiskey Sour Punch

From the pages of The Tanglewood Picnic

Country Curtains has held its annual employee Christmas party at Tanglewood since 1968. Company founders Jane and Jack Fitzpatrick established the Christmas at the Pops tradition because they thought the December holiday season was so packed with parties, Christmas in the summertime would be a treat. They decorated their Tanglewood company picnics with red and green balloons, holiday napkins and candles - a custom that continues today. Sometimes, even Santa and Mrs. Claus join the festivities.


2 1/2 gallons water
2 (24-ounce) packages Timmy’s sweet and sour cocktail mix
3 (12-ounce) cans of Minute Maid frozen lemonade concentrate
3 (1.7-liter) bottles of Seagram’s whiskey


About 12 oranges, cut into half-moon shaped slices
3 (16-ounce) jars of Haddon House maraschino cherries


Pour all of the ingredients into a large insulated beverage jug and stir with a long spoon. Fill a punch bowl with ice, punch, oranges, and cherries. Add additional orange slices and cherry garnishes to each serving as needed.

Yields approximately 106 servings. Please feel free to reduce for smaller occasions.