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Yoga at Space

The stress of the holidays is past and the stress of the workplace is taking over again however there are ways to attend to the needs of mind and body in this hectic world we inhabit.

Locally, such a place is found in Yoga at Space, 228 Sharon Road, Lakeville, founded about twenty years ago by Sarah Getz. “We started in the early ‘aughts, as I like to phrase it, and it has sort of grown since then,” she said.

The studio now includes seven other certified teachers in the fields of yoga, meditation, and movement studies, all of whom have many years of training and experience.

“In essence, we are a co-op of teachers,” said Getz. “We take pride in being small, independently owned and operated and we shun the commercialization of yoga that has happened in recent decades.”

Simply put, “yoga is great stuff,” said Getz, who has been teaching it for more than two decades. “It’s a wonderful tool for self-care on different levels. It’s good for the body, mind and spirit. As modern science tells us, mind is body and body is a mind.”

It can also be adapted to the needs of the practitioner.” Indeed, she said that virtually every participant has some kind of modification to accommodate special needs. Classes at Yoga at Space embrace students aged from their late teens to their 80s. “It’s a little like learning a language and can take a while to catch on,” she said. “But we keep our classes non-competitive. It’s not about physical prowess and becoming incredibly strong and flexible. We also have classes for beginners and those who need a gentle approach.”

She said classes offered include yoga poses, breathing and embodied meditation. “You are in the moment with your body and feelings,” she explained. “More and more scientific studies show the benefits range from improved bone density, to mood levels, to hormonal levels. It is a very ancient practice that goes back thousands of years.”

Yoga at Space offers morning, evening and weekend classes and also hosts pay-by-donation community classes, meditation classes and special workshops. The schedule, and all class descriptions can be viewed on the website linked below, phone 860-307-1094 or e-mail